Mudroom Storage Ideas

Organization ideas for a neat and tidy mudroom.

If you’re like most people, the mudroom is a home cleaning conundrum. It’s meant to be the catch-all room for things to reside as you and your family enter and exit your home. So, by nature, this space often becomes cluttered and less-than-functional.

We’re here to help! Here are our favorite mudroom storage and organization ideas to help you keep the chaos under control and make the most out of this high traffic part of the home.

1| Hang More than Hooks

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Hooks are a mudroom organization staple for good reason, but we suggest using rods as well. Rods enable you to store more clothing than hooks alone. This wikiHow details an easy DIY process for installing closet rods.

2| Think About Alternative Sinks

Image via  The Created Home

It’s in the very name: a mudroom is destined to become the muddiest room in your home. But, what if there was a way to keep the mud from being tracked elsewhere in your home? The Created Home DIY-ed a mini shower space for pets, but we can see so many uses for this feature. You could rinse muddy boots, hang hooks and let raincoats or swimming suits dry, or even wash dirty bare feet.

3| Customize It


We got a little sticker shock when researching mudroom organization systems. Then, we came across this gem: IKEA’s Algot system offers pretty much everything you might need in a DIY package: shelves, baskets, a clothing rod, and even a bulletin board for important papers and reminders.


And, with 10 other mix-and-match pieces that are pretty affordable, you’ll be able to create the organization station for your needs.

4| Closeted Genius

Don’t have a dedicated mudroom space? No worries! With a few shelves, some wood, drawer hardware, and stain, you can turn a large closet into a mudroom masterpiece.

5| Hide-a-Mudroom

Image via  Ashley Winn Design

Hoping to keep messes out of sight of guests? Consider hiding shelving behind an access panel that is disguised as a wall with hooks. Shoes, laundry, and other unmentionables will find a cozy home on your secret shelves.

6| Unhampered Organization

Image via  Ashley Winn Design

There’s another brilliant option for folks hoping to hide laundry from guests. This example turned a folding counter with drawers into a pull-out laundry hub.

7| Big + Baskets

Image via  Balkan Studies

Image via Balkan Studies

This home makes use of a long wall to create a roomy mudroom space. The setup includes four shelving units, a wall-mounted hook set, and comfy cushions. The addition of 16 cubbies with sturdy wicker baskets to conceal shoes, towels, and toys, makes this area efficient as well as appealing to the eye.

The path to a clean and organized home can be a long and winding one—but, there’s good news! You are not alone. Our cleaning experts are right around the corner and ready to assemble a custom cleaning plan that works for you. Contact us today!

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