8 Quick Tips for an Organized Closet

Spring is a season for showers, flowers… and cleaning. If spring cleaning a closet is on your list, we’ve got some awesome, easy, and quick tips to help you get an organized closet before you can say “squeaky clean.”

1| Catch-all zones never work

If there’s a drawer that ends up being the catch-all for random items, start leaving that drawer empty. Instead, find a different spot, shelf, or container for each type of item.

2| Store by frequency of use

A pro tip is to organize your items by how often you use them. Have jeans and t-shirts you always pull out, every night and weekend? Keep those near the front or in a space you can easily reach them.


3| Get a sturdy ladder

Make it easy to get at high-up items when you need them. Hang an expandable step stool in your closet so you’ll never be on your tiptoes struggling to get something down.

4| Declutter & donate

The path to an organized closet is easier to tread when you have less stuff you have to organize. Before organizing your closet top-to-bottom, declutter. Donate the items that don’t fit or that you never wear.


5| Get matchy-matchy

Many experts say that closet organization is easiest when all organization accessories match. If blue is your color, get blue hangers, dividers, liner paper, and hooks for hats.

6| Color code

A color-coded closet will not only look amazing—it will help you find things more quickly. You’ll know where to look for your favorite denim jacket or your purple button-up shirt without thinking about it. The Roy G. Biv approach works, otherwise you can try separating warm and cool tones.


7| Use wall space

Have extra wall space? Utilize it. Hang small hooks in a row and organize jewelry. An organized closet is an efficient one!

8| Have fun with it

A good way to keep your closet clean long-term is to make it a place where you feel comfortable and happy. Hang photos in your closet or use fun painted mannequin heads to house your hats. If your closet is fun, you’ll be happier in it.

Need a little help organizing a closet, or even a kitchen, family room, or bathroom? We’re pros at cleaning and organizing! Contact us today and we’ll find a plan to fit your needs.

Happy organizing!