Valentine's Day 2019: Romantic Date Night in Madison

If you’re anything like us, it’s not uncommon to find yourself without any romantic plans a few days before Valentine’s Day. More often than not, we don’t even realize that the date is approaching.

Every year before Valentine’s Day, my daughter calls and asks what are we doing for the occasion. Every year she answers with a grown when I tell her that we don’t have any plans.

Something interesting happened this year, though.

When she called to ask and I gave my usual answer, she said “No. You’re always busy and you two need some time to enjoy yourselves.”

This made me think… While I don’t really believe in the overly commercialized idea of Valentine’s Day (I actually heard an ad that said something like “prove to her how much you love her with a brand new diamond ring”), I do like the idea of taking a break from the craziness of every day life to reconnect and have a conversation that does not start with “did you do the laundry?” or “did you return that client’s call?”

So, that’s how I find myself talking about Valentine’s Day and date night ideas for those of us in Madison. I asked my daughter to come up with some ideas for us to choose from and that I could share with those of you who, like myself, are last minute planners when it comes to this type of thing. They range from fancy to casual. We’ll most likely go for one of the simple date nights, but some of these sound like real treats that I’d love to do someday. Maybe next year!

Dinner and a Show

For classic couples, date night equates to dinner and a movie. Kick it up a notch and hit Sardine or Graze for high-end cuisine, then head to the nearby Majestic or Overture Center for a show. The Majestic is a go-to for indie music, while the Overture is home to chamber orchestras and other classical artists.

A walk in the Garden

Even when it’s chilly outside, Olbrich Botanical Gardens has a tropical paradise filled with “exotic plants, bright flowers, a rushing waterfall, fragrant orchids and free-flying birds.” After Olbrich, head southwest to A Pig in a Fur Coat for Mediterranean dishes in a hip, cozy atmosphere. PS: you’ll need wheels or public transportation for this date night around Madison!

Cocktails and Comedy

Perfect for date night or an outing with friends, Comedy on State offers standup, open mic nights, and trivia! Peruse the schedule and pick a show. After the laughter, all you’ll need to do is pop down to The Coopers Tavern and pick your favorite local draft beer or cocktail.

Capitol Scavenger Hunt

If you live in Madison, you probably see the Capitol Building every day. But, when was the last time you were inside this 1907 treasure? Take an online photo tour to choose memorable landmarks within the building, then create a scavenger hunt map for your sweetheart. When the hunt is over, you’ll be closer to your loved one and the historic city we call home.

Home Made Dinner

Choose a new recipe from a favorite cookbook or online and make dinner together. This is great for those who may not have made reservations anywhere and would rather avoid the long lines. Put some of your favorite music in the background and have fun seeing your culinary creation come to life.

Of course, you can’t enjoy date night if dishes, dusting, and dirty laundry are weighing down your mind. Give us a call at 608.497.1374 if you need some help with those!