15 Best Toy Storage Ideas

Toys, toys, everywhere, and not a spot to put them! If you’re like most busy parents, you probably find yourself tripping over your kids’ playthings on a daily basis. Well, we’re here to help!

Here are 15 of our favorite stylish and practical toy storage ideas for around the house. Some are easy to purchase and others are easy to make. Let’s declutter!

1| The Classic Storage Ottoman


There are too many cute storage ottomans to list here, but we’ll just give you our favorite. This option from Target is sleek, affordable, and easy to match with any decor. Push a few of them together to create a large bench or ottoman cluster!

2| Cute Cube Organizer & Storage Bins


Another Target storage staple is their storage cubes. They’re painless to assemble, simple to customize, and stand up to wear and tear.

3| Beautiful Baskets


Sorry, we’re just in love with Target. They have tons of on-trend storage baskets in all shapes (animals!) and colors (lime, peach, burgundy!). These baskets are so pretty that they are a statement decor piece all on their own.

4| Brainy Bunks


Kids’ rooms a mess? Consider switching out their existing bed for a bunk, then using the lower space as storage. Now, that’s smart! [Image via House Beautiful]

5| Bold Book Bin


Keep your kiddos’ books where they can easily see and grab them with this DIY book bin from This Little Street.

6| Spicy Shelves


Can you believe these fashionable shelves are actually IKEA spice racks? Stack them on a wall for books, smaller toys, art supplies, and more!

7| Leaning Ladder


Dapper leaning ladders (like this one from Wayfair) make good use of vertical space while giving kids a large drawer and at least one reachable shelf on which to store things. Make sure to keep kiddos safe and ensure they aren’t climbing the ladder!

8| Clearly Un-Cluttered


Stack clear totes in your kids’ closets with labels, so that finding toys and cleanup are both a snap. [Image via Sunny Side Up]

9| Backdoor Bags


Attach beach bags to the back of your doors and label with toy names—it’s cute, cheap, and clever! [Image via HomeBNC]

10| Large Legos


Have you seen these adorable oversized Lego storage cubes? Your kids will never have to ask where their Legos go again!

11| Grab-a-Game


Hanging laundry organizers have unlimited uses! [Image via Pinterest]

12| Bed for Barbie


Kiddos have a lot of dolls? An over-the-door shoe rack can be a cozy spot for Barbie to spend the night. [Image via Pinterest]

13| Craft Cart


Keep crayons, paints, and paper mobile with a well-organized craft cart. [Image via Pinterest]

14| Wicker Toy Warehouse


Pick up some neutral baskets that will fit under your furniture without peeking out. [Image via Pinterest]

15| Disguised Drawers


This is a little more time-intensive (and requires you know a little about the framing of your home) but results in the most refined toy storage idea on this list! [Image via Sunny Side Up]

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