13 Things in Your Home That You're Forgetting to Clean

Most homeowner cleaning checklists include the basics: sweep and mop floors, wash and fold laundry, do dishes ... But, are you missing anything? We wager that you’re forgetting to clean more than one of the following things in your home:

1| Walls: Dust and grime clings to vertical surfaces, too. Dust walls a couple times per year.

2| Baseboards: Baseboards catch almost as much dirt as floors, so wipe them down with a damp cloth as part of your regular cleaning regimen.


3| Undersides of furniture: Have you looked at the underside of your couch lately? Use a duster wand to free the undersides of furniture from dust, dirt, spider webs, and … well, whatever else is under there.

4| Top of the fridge: Do you store items above your fridge? Whether you use this space for storage or keep it empty, we bet there’s a ton of dust up there.

5| Top of frames: The tops of picture frames don’t get enough love from your duster wand.

6| Indoor plants: Use a wet washcloth to free your plants of dust and pet hair—they’ll look even prettier when you’re done!


7| Washing machine: Do your clothes smell less-than-April-Fresh? Mix white vinegar and baking soda and run in your washer on a hot cycle.

8| Trash cans: The inside of indoor trash cans collect all kinds of smells and stains. Sanitize them by rinsing with soapy water and a little antibacterial cleaner. Let them dry completely before using again.

9| Ceiling fans & air ducts: Get a long duster wand and de-grime your ceiling fan, particularly the tops of the blade, so you won’t continue wafting dust throughout your rooms when the fan is on. To clean the air ducts, we recommend using the small brush attachment of your vacuum and then giving them a quick wipe to finish off.


10| Light switches: Light switches get touched almost every day, so make sure to use an antibacterial wipe or cleanser on them at least once a week.

11| Throw pillows: If your pillows are machine washable, go for it! Otherwise, make sure to vacuum and spot clean those whenever you get the chance.

12| Remotes: This is another item that gets ignored when you cleanse your home during cold and flu season. Use an antibacterial wipe on your remotes regularly!

13| Cleaning supplies: It might sound counterproductive, but it’s essential to keep your cleaning tools clean, too. Replace sponges often, wash your rags, and scrub toilet brushes, and you’ll rid your home of lingering germs.

Need some help cleaning these overlooked things—and everything else? We take care of most of these items for you when you sign up for our recurring or one-time cleaning services—so get in touch with us today!